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Our Story

Hello, I'm Sonia! My husband, Josh Tremblay, and I are the proud owners of Copper Chicks GOAT Soapery & Makery, as well as Copper Chick Homestead. Our journey began in 2019 when we started our homestead, and it has evolved into a fulfilling venture. Married for 28 years, we have raised our family of five children 

Sonia & Josh

who are now grown, and we are delighted to be a grandparents to five beautiful grandchildren. Transitioning into a full-time business owner and homesteader has been a rewarding adventure!

Our passion for caring and creating for our family and for others has led us to establish Copper Chicks Homestead, where we harness the goodness of our 26 Nigerian Dwarf and Mini Nubian goats. In addition to goats, our homestead is a lively mix of Berkshire pigs, ducks, chickens, honey bees, and our three devoted Great Pyrenees livestock guardians - Allie, Butterball, and Goldie - who tirelessly protect it.

Twice daily, I engage in the process of milking our goats to obtain fresh milk, which serves as the foundation for our handmade organic bath and body products. While I focus on the hands-on process of milking our goats, my husband, Josh, plays an integral role in maintaining the homestead. His dedication ensures that our animals are well cared for, and the homestead operates smoothly.

In 2023, we opened the doors to Copper Chick GOAT Soapery & Makery in downtown Crossville, TN. Our shop is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional natural products. Crafting these products brings us immense joy, knowing they contribute to promoting healthy skin and provide delightful fragrances within your home. We take pride in offering custom-made items, catering to bulk and wholesale orders, and creating special occasion products for our valued customers. 


Whether you're seeking a daily skincare routine upgrade or unique gifts for special occasions, Copper Chicks has something special for you. We invite you to

experience the goodness of our products and look forward to serving you

soon. Thank you for considering Copper Chicks for your natural and

handmade needs; it's a pleasure to share our passion with you!



115 S. Main St. Suite 101

Crossville, Tennessee 38555


+1 (423) 718-4905

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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

11:00 am – 7:00 pm


9:00 am – 4:00 pm



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